IWK Art.jpg

I Wanna Know

by Arkson

Arkson Releases "I Wanna Know EP"

Permanent Rain Press writes:

“Arkson has released their latest EP, I Wanna Know. Curious and sentimental, the Toronto alt rockers tell stories of soaring to new heights, saying goodbyes, and wishing for friends to ‘get better.’ A first listen to the record, and I imagine hearing this group live in a basement bar – not because they can’t fill a larger room, but because there’s a zany, inquisitive factor to their music that is best consumed to attentive minds.

There lies jazz undertones in the lead track, an upbeat, fun take on learning and discovering (“I wanna see the ocean blue / The warm glow, the water smooth”). The melancholic “Too Late For Singing” is reflective, ultimately wishing the best for both parties involved in a difficult separation, but does feature some buzzing instrumentals. As a whole, it’s an impressive release for the group and I’ll be excited to hear their future music.”

Read on their site: http://thepermanentrainpress.com/post/178857653883/arkson-releases-ep-i-wanna-know?fbclid=IwAR2SSoWRGGBDek6qlALbneLucKt_RcGh_drZ2hOB5UKpa-Ll1hPGOReJImc

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